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Thermal Attic Insulation from eShield™

Did you know that a substantial amount of your home’s heat in winter is lost through the roof? Likewise, a significant amount of heat in the summer comes in through the roof. This is where good attic insulation comes in. Unlike other types of attic insulation,  eShield™ thermal insulation is different from conventional fiberglass or blown insulation in that it is a multi-layer foil insulation. This means that eShield™ thermal insulation not only provides a thermal barrier by absorbing heat, but also by reflecting it. This American-made attic insulation can be installed over existing insulation to stop more than 97% of radiant heat from penetrating your roof. The result is a warmer home in winter and a cooler home in summer all with lower utility bills. eShield™ insulation is also a great insulation choice for basement ceilings.

Cooler in the Summer

Warmer in the Winter with Winsulate Insulation

Warmer in the Winter

Stay Green with Winsulate Insulation

Greener All Year Long

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Why Call WinChoice USA® for Improved Attic Insulation by eShield™?

At WinChoice USA®, we’re dedicated to helping our customers save money with more efficient homes. Insulation from eShield™ is one of the ways we do this. It installs over existing attic insulation so there’s no need for the expense and effort of removing old insulation, and it can be more effective than adding an additional foot of traditional fiberglass insulation. Our steadfast commitment to what’s best for our customers and their homes is behind our continued success as one of largest window and insulation businesses around. We proudly provide products that have been made right here in America, and our experts are among the best in the industry. WinChoice USA® is also a great choice for all your home and/or office window needs. Give us a call today and see how else we can help you enjoy a more comfortable and efficient home.