Why is it Important to Trust Experts with the Installation of My New Windows?

The whole point of the quality windows and doors offered by WinChoice USA® is to prevent air and water from passing through while still allowing you to open the window and enjoy a nice day. While the windows that we offer are among the best in the industry, if they aren’t installed just right, then you won’t be getting all the benefits that you paid for. What’s more, you could be losing money through higher home heating and cooling costs. That’s why it’s important to have the window installed by someone with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Putting in a new window so there are no leaks at any time during the life of the home starts before the window goes up. Exact weatherproofing, insulation, and measurements are required from the opening where the window will go. Properly weatherproofing the opening for the window is a multi-step process that should be done by an expert. If a mistake is made, water can find its way into the wall and begin causing unseen damage that can become a big problem down the road. While a couple internet videos may be sufficient for a variety do-it-yourself projects, we don’t recommend going that route with your new windows.

Having your new windows installed by the experts who can verify that the job is done correctly is also important to the lifetime warranty that comes with new windows from WinChoice USA®. Since the quality of the window is only as good as its installation, the transferable lifetime warranty requires that the windows are properly installed and maintained in a suitable manner. Chances are that your home experiences a wide range of temperatures between summer and winter, which can result in materials expanding and contracting. That’s why our windows are designed with fusion welds, proprietary high performance materials, and the latest technology.

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While the windows from WinChoice USA® are precision engineered to accommodate such temperature changes, right down to specific regions, if the frame and insulation around the window is not done correctly, you could be dealing with problems down the road. If the opening is too tight, the window could be squeezed in cold temperatures, and if the opening is too loose, you could be stuck with a drafty window. Contact us, or schedule a free consultation, to learn more!

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